How we got on at Lib Dem Conference

We’ve now returned home from Liberal Democrat party conference 2013 after spending a few days in Glasgow with one half of the Coalition partners. Whilst there we managed to speak with a number of senior Lib Dem politicians about our people power report, and explain to them why it is so important that we get more people involved with charitable giving.

Our stand game went down a storm with both MPs and activists, with many chancing their arm more than once to see if they could set the top time on our people power game. After the closing of conference, the winner of our game was Michael Wallace, who was presented with a CAF charity cheque worth £50 to give to a charity of his choice.Cheque Presentation

Our leaderboard was a constant source of interest, and the competition between Lib Dem MPs was extremely fierce! The quick MP was Paul Burstow, who set a very respectable time of 8.68 seconds – let’s see how that compares to the quickest that the Labour and Conservative parties have to offer.

We were also joined on our stand by the likes of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander MP, who were both interested in the findings of our report, recognising the value that charities bring to society and their important role in helping people who need help the most.

Our political visitors weren’t limited to those representing the House of Commons either, with politicians from the Welsh Assembly, European Parliament and House of Lords also coming along to find our more about our report, as well as councillors from across the country.

Our fringe event was also the source of much interest, with the likes of Esther Rantzen dropping in to hear what our panel had to say about getting more people involved with charitable giving. You can read more about it here.

It’s great that our report was able to spark so much debate, and our interactive conference game certainly got people to think about the power they’re able to generate. We’re looking forward to moving the show onto Brighton and challenging the best that Labour politicians and activists to prove their people power!

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