Celebration Day marks the end of a great week!

This Saturday saw the grand finale of a very successful Small Charity Week, with charities from near and far gathering in Russell Square, Central London for “Celebration Day”.


CAF media, policy & campaigns staff pose with our paperchain of sign-ups from Celebration Day!

A field of “impact statements” from hundreds of small charities were the focus of a day of live entertainment, fairground games and charity stalls. These statements served to underline the real value these organisations bring to their beneficiaries in a multitude of different ways.


Field of Small Charity Impact Statements!

We wanted to take the Back Britain’s Charities campaign along to help celebrate the work of small charities and to talk to more people about the campaign. And we’re delighted to say that a great number of the people we spoke to were happy to sign-up to support!

We wrote the name of each person to sign-up on our chain of paper ‘charity people’ – a little metaphor for people standing side-by-side with charities during these tough times (see pic above!).  

As part of the activity for Celebration Day events were also taking place all around the country, and in addition, the charity impact statements (including the Back Britain’s Charities logo!) were being displayed on BBC Big Screens across the UK.

Though the weather wavered between sunny and stormy, the atmosphere and attitude of positivity rounded off this excellent week perfectly. Our hearty congratulations to the FSI who made such an event possible!

Let’s hope the charities and individuals we met on Saturday are willing to throw their support behind Back Britain’s Charities to maintain the momentum behind the important message that small charities can do big things in our society!


2 Comments on “Celebration Day marks the end of a great week!”

  1. Looking for people to come forward to be trained as Community Press Officers

    They will go into communities to inform people about their true sovereign rights and have info about free energy and how to grow community food that is clean

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